The Best Casino in Las Vegas For Free Drinks

Landed in Las Vegas and wondering where you should go to? Las Vegas is known for its casinos the world over, and you can try your luck out too, and win big. In fact, such is the popularity of casinos in Las Vegas, that many other governments around the world are looking at casinos too, to boost tourist sales and improve revenues.

The Philippines, for instance, is set to become one of the biggest gambling centers in the world with a $1 billion casino resort opened recently in Manila. The hotel-casino has an astounding 4500 people working as its staff, and more than half of them are kept busy at the casinos. Vying to be a gambling destination in the world, along with the lines of Las Vegas and Singapore, Philippines has an approximate gambling revenue of $1.9 billion that is expected to rise to $6 billion.

Las Vegas though offers a lot more than just your favorite poker games. Las Vegas has a charm of its own, and some of the casinos even offer you free drinks!

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The Top Casinos to Go in Las Vegas for Some Free Drinks

Looking for the best casino in Las Vegas for some free drinks? Don’t worry – we have got the list for you.

Tag – The Linq

This is your choice if you love beers, with as many as 150 different ones to choose from. You can even get a complimentary beer if you are playing video poker or one of the games on the bar top machines. You even have a drink monitoring system that you will love – and it’s all affordable.

You will also have access to the 5150 bar, which offers cocktails for as less as $2. And with the video poker games available, it does make for a great mix.

Pub 365 – Tuscany

If you are looking for the perfect bar and restaurant in Vegas, this is your choice. It opened just a year back but has become the favorite of many in just a short time. You have the 365 beers to drink, and well as some other limited beer options that you would love.

Add to it the video poker machines and complimentary beers; this small casino does make the right noises. Plus, it’s easy to reach too – being just a ten-minute walk from Tuscany.

Chandelier Bar- Cosmopolitan

Sure, you get complimentary cocktails while you are playing your favorite video poker games, but that isn’t the only reason to love the Chandelier Bar for. They have installed a unique drinking monitoring system that allows them to offer you drinks that are better than most other places you would see in Nevada, Vegas.

You could even buy some signature cocktails for as less as $16 or try your hands at the top shelf liquor for around $15 each. Or you could get them for free while you are playing your favorite video poker games. Few other casinos offer such premium drinks for free when playing video poker, making this a great place to be in. With the atmosphere and vibe around, it is undoubtedly our pick of all the three!