About Downtown Las Vegas

The central business district of Las Vegas is known as Downtown Las Vegas. This is where the historical heritage of Nevada is located. It was also where all gambling activity took place before the Strip came up. However, there are still many gaming activities in the area. Downtown Las Vegas has many modern hotels, business centers, government and historical buildings. There are also many residential houses and retail centers. Downtown Las Vegas is located in the heart of Las Vegas. On the northern side is the Las Vegas Strip and Washington Avenue. On the south is the Sahara Avenue while on the east is the Maryland Parkway.

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Things To Do in Downtown Las Vegas

The Fremont Street

Most of the casinos and executive hotels in downtown are located on Fremont Street. These casinos have been in existence before the formation of the famous Las Vegas Strip. The casinos on this street are built in such a way that they are interconnected uniquely and attractively. Freemont street is equipped with millions of lights and the best sound systems on the earth. These offer the most fabulous shows at night through the massive media systems. The entertainment systems in this place cost over fifty million dollars. Through the years, there are unique festivals, cuisines, live performances and entertainment offered here.

The East Freemont Entertainment District

This is located on the east side of Freemont Street. Property owners in this area are looking forward to remodeling it. The remodeling agency in Las Vegas together with business and property owners in 2002 were focused on modifying this district. The total cost of the improvement project on the street was well over five million dollars. This lead to the creation of the Freemont entertainment district in the east. There are many restaurants, clubs, and bars featured in this location. The renovation project also saw the creation of a pedestrian path along the street which has numerous signboards in neon.

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The District of Art

It is known as 18b officially. It is the Art District of Las Vegas. The name 18b came from the number of blocks that initially surrounded the area. It houses the entire art of the city of Las Vegas. There are many studios, galleries, and stores in this location. Most of the stores in this district have different pieces of high valued furniture and vintage clothes that are high in fashion. Additionally, there are numerous collectibles and antiques from the previous century with beautiful aesthetics.

There are famous festivals held every first Friday of each month. This showcase music, art, and other great performances from different artists. All this happens on Charleston Boulevard. This is at the center of the principal street.

Downtown Las Vegas Zip:

  • 89109

Downtown Las Vegas Geo Coordinates

Lat: 36.1700212

Long: -115.1422754

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