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Our Las Vegas, Nevada Service Areas


Summerlin is a stable and fast growing master-planned community in Las Vegas Southern Nevada Valley. At the edges of Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains to the west is where this lovely community lies.

Downtown Las Vegas

The central business district of Las Vegas is known as Downtown Las Vegas. This is where the historical heritage of Nevada is located. It was also where all gambling activity took place before the Strip came up.

Arts District

The area is officially known as 18b The Las Vegas Arts District, as it originally spanned 18 blocks throughout downtown Las Vegas. While dozens of art studios are open throughout the week, the district really comes alive on First Friday, a monthly street festival featuring artists, musicians, and food vendors. During the rest of the month, 18b is popular in the evening as artists, bar hoppers, and even tourists roam the area for trendy eateries, local theater, and music. Content source.