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Benefits of Safety and Security Films

Safety and Security Films will protect your home or business by keeping shatter glass intact and keep building occupants safe.

UV blocking

Solar heat and ultraviolet light can cause fading of furniture, carpeting, draperies, and merchandise. Solar Gard films reject up to 99 percent of negative ultraviolet light and varying amounts of solar heat, helping to preserve the value of your property and provide critical health benefits.

Heat Protection

Solar Gard can keep occupants cool and comfortable while yielding significant energy consumption reduction.

Protect your Property

Protect your property with a film that provides high heat rejection and excellent privacy while still maintaining decent levels of natural light.

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Security window film provides added protection

When we hear the words home protection or home security, the first thing that often comes to mind is an alarm system or surveillance equipment to deter burglars from breaking in and stealing our belongings. However, there are many other ways to protect your home that are not often recognized or thought of as added security measures. We must also remember that home security and safety can encompass more than just robbery. Homes and businesses everywhere are prone to natural disasters and other unexpected accidents, and some may be more vulnerable than others.

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There are many uses for safety and security films

Safety window film can be made of polyester or ceramics and have a wide range of applications. From automobiles to skyscrapers, these films provide added protection to any window that can be exposed to potential hazards. The strength and versatility of these films make it a cost-effective solution and insurance against such hazards. As an added benefit, some films can offer thermal efficiency and added UV protection to help cut costs on cooling your home.

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Some recent Safety and Security Films

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Residential FAQs

How Do Safety and Security Films?

The use of security window film for residential or commercial applications provides numerous benefits. Using these films on your windows will make it extremely difficult for burglars to break into your home and provide a safer environment to live around in the event of a natural disaster or accidental impact on your windows. Many residential and commercial buildings are lacking this added security measure that could greatly benefit, saving thousands of dollars in the long run. This cost-effective solution for homeowners will add value to your property and can provide extra UV and thermal efficiency to your home, saving even more on energy costs.

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