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Decorative Films

Depending on the type of windows, the configuration of the interior space, and the desired appearance, there are several different decorative window films available. Unlike simple static cling film, these window cover films are long-lasting and can stand up to the effects of extreme temperature. Decorative films are the perfect application for conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, private offices, glass partitions, residential bathrooms, garage doors, and wherever there is a need for decorative privacy. The applications are endless, adding aesthetic appeal to any and all glass surfaces.

Film Benefits

Decorative Films

Decorative window films enhance windows and doors with varying degrees of visibility through the glass.

Frost Films

Frost films offer a broad selection of vinyl glass films designed to mimic the look of costly Frosted or Etched Glass Finishes at a fraction of the cost without any sacrifice in appearance or quality. These Frosted Glass and Etched Glass Window Films are designed with a variety of transparencies and light transmissions providing different degrees of privacy.

Opaque films

Opaque films are particularly suited for tempered single-pane window glass when privacy is the primary concern. These film coatings deflect much of the penetration of light into the interior environment.

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