1. I, the Customer, hereby authorize the above work to be done on the above mentioned vehicle/ commercial or residential building along with the  necessary material. I understand that this order is NOT subject to cancellation, changes, exchanges or refunds in whole or in part. 2. I, the Customer, understand that GVG, Inc. will NOT be held responsible for any articles that are left in the vehicle or in the case of theft, robbery,  water damage or act of God or any other cases beyond GVG, Inc.’s reasonable and normal control. 
  2. I, the Customer, understand that GVG, Inc. and all their employees and/or Independent subcontractors will NOT be held responsible for lost or  damaged in the operating of the above mentioned vehicle FOR THE PURPOSE OF moving, delivery, removal of film materials from glass or glass  breakage during the removal and cost of any breakage that could arise. 
  3. I, the Customer, understand that GVG, Inc. will take all possible precautions to prevent damage to the coating (liquid flow type) and sheet mylar films  by insects, dust, lint and other foreign matter, but cannot, nor will assume responsibility for the condition BEYOND their control where this foreign mat ter gets between the glass and the film coating. 
  4. I, the Customer understand that a storage fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per day will be charged twenty-four (24) hours after I have been notified by tele phone that their vehicle is ready to be picked up. 
  5. I, the Customer, understand that GVG, Inc. will at THEIR own option, remove some or EVEN ALL of the inside rubber felt trim from inside/outside  the above mentioned vehicle to prevent the peeling or scratching to the tinting by dirt and felt, BUT GVG, Inc. will not be held responsible for any wind  noise, air/water leaks or rattling heard in the doors from a loose window. 
  6. I, the Customer, understand that GVG, Inc. will not be held responsible for any scratching caused to the film coating by ANY types of pads that are  down in the doors, rollers, sharp objects, molding rubbing the glass, screws down in the doors that may hit the window either going up or down or pulling  in holes in the tinting film coating when the doors are shut closed when the glass is on the lower position 
  7. I, the Customer, understand that GVG, Inc. does NOT assume any liability or responsibility to pay for or replace ANY glass that cracks, breaks,  scratches or chips or incurs any fine-line laminated glass runs that occur during or after the tinting process, not only during the installation of the tinting  material but for any removal of ANY glass from the vehicle for the purpose of installation or removal. 
  8. If by any chance a personal or business check is accepted on lieu of cash and the said check bounces or is returned for any reason, the customer or  person to whom the check belongs will be charged a fifty dollar ($50.00) service/administration charge which will automatically be added to this invoice.  On any open accounts where the customer is billed or a P.O. is taken, the balance MUST be paid in full within five working days from the date of this in voice or a finance charge of twenty-five percent (25%) per month (APR 300% calculated yearly) interest charge will be added to this invoice. In the event  that any type of legal action is necessary to enforce this contract, the prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees plus any court costs. 10. I, the Customer, understand and agree that a Mechanic’s lien on the above mentioned vehicle is hereby granted and understood to secure the amount  of unpaid balance plus interest, and storage charges are paid in full. 
  9. I, the Customer, have read and agreed with ALL LIMITED WARRANTY information on the attached Limited and Conditional Warranty Certificate  and agree to comply with all said stipulation on this limited warranty. 
  10. I, the Customer, understand that ANY and ALL materials used are warranted only by the manufacturer of the materials and no event shall GVG, Inc.  (nor the independent installation contractor of the materials) be liable for any of the defective film “Reinstallation Labor Costs” GVG, Inc. has NO ex pressed or implied warranty either verbal or in writing whatsoever for either the installation or material used other than those given by the manufacturer  of the material for the independent installation contractor. 
  11. This invoice Job Work Order is ONLY given as a convenience to the Customer. Otherwise it would be given to the customer in two parts. One  Invoice from the Independent Sub-Contractor for the installation labor of the materials used as indicated by the installation labor charge. And the other  invoice from GVG, Inc. as the Commission Broker for the independent agent who did the installation of the necessary materials and who furnished all  necessary materials from the film manufacturer. 
  12. All vehicles’ third brake light will be cut out. If you wish to remove rear deck or light a $50.00 fee will apply. This must be done before the installer  begins work. All graphics are warranted for the material for total of 30 days from purchase. GVG, Inc. can not guarantee color matches for any graphics  and will not be held responsible. We do not warranty anything due to improper care. I realize that graphics are not an exact science. 15. We do not guarantee tint to adhere to any dot-matrix. If you wish to have vinyl put over dot-matrix a $50.00 fee will apply. 16. GVG, Inc. does not wipe down sides of vehicles if dark in color or dirty. 
  13. Prices do not include your windshield or glare strip. If windshield or glare strip is installed GVG, Inc. is not responsible or liable for ANY damage to  your vehicle, electrical, color change, etc… on dash. 
  14. I, the Customer, understand this will be GVG, Inc.’s only agreement expressed or implied verbally or written. 
  15. All warranty work is to be done by appointments only. Additional charges will be applied for any missed warranty appointments without 24 hours  notice, the charge is $50.00. 
  16. Any deviation of the terms of the contract shall not constitute a waiver of the terms by the parties. 
  17. This contract is subject to the jurisdiction and the law of the State of Nevada. 
  18. If any part of this contract is deemed unenforceable, the remainder of the contract shall be severable and fully enforceable. 23. ______ (Initial) – All prepaid jobs and gift cards are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. 

When gift cards are issued for the discounted price, the discount price is only good up to 60 days from date of purchase. Thereafter, original price will  be charged to customer. The actual price paid for the gift card will be applied to the invoice at date of purchase, and any amount not paid by the gift card  shall be customer’s responsibility. 

  1. TERM AND CONDITIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL: GVG, Inc. will not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to  your home or commercial property. All work is guaranteed against cracking, peeling, and delaminating for a period of 12 years on commercial buildings  and lifetime warranty on homes. GVG, Inc. will not be held responsible for any discoloring of furniture, drapes or floor coverings (Carpets, wood floors,  

etc.) GVG, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any alarm tape on windows cracking of windows due to heat expansion after film is installed All warran ties are pro rated from the date of installation. All warranty work is to be done by appointment only. Additional charge will be applied for any missed  warranty appointment without 24 hours notice. The charge is $50.00