Where Not To Live in Las Vegas, Nevada

Many stereotypes are used when describing the neighborhoods in Las Vegas. There is the area for the hipsters, there is a preppy area, and there are places where the college kids live. There are the professional areas and places for those that want to go out and party. Like every big city, there are ghettos.

There is a neighborhood in Las Vegas for everyone.

The city is ranked one of the best places in the United States to live.

The economy is strong, and there is plenty to do. Not all of Las Vegas is the ideal place to live. There are some neighborhoods in Las Vegas you want to avoid. They are not exactly what a person images when they think of Las Vegas.

Which neighborhoods in Las Vegas are the best and which ones are the worse?

Science, as well as data, was used to rank the neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Some neighborhoods are great, but The Lakes beats them all.

Good neighborhoods have higher incomes, and the home values are higher than in other areas. The crime rates are often low and the unemployment rates as low as well.

The 26 of the neighborhoods that make up Las Vegas were examined. Data were collected from each of these areas and then ranked in a particular order. Ten places do not live up to the expectations people have of this city:

  • Downtown East
  • West Las Vegas
  • Cultural Corridor
  • Umc
  • East Las Vegas
  • Downtown
  • Meadows Village
  • Twin Lakes
  • Michael Way
  • Huntridge

After this reading, there is a complete chart attached for the neighborhoods that were studied.

In addition to looking at Las Vegas, you can see which neighbors in the United States are the most dangerous.

How the Ghetto was Defined

We looked at what people want in a neighborhood and the ones that ranked the worst had the least amount of these things. We also some specific criteria for each neighborhood. A neighborhood was determined undesirable if they had the following:

  • High unemployment rates
  • Low household incomes
  • Lack of entertainment
  • Low home values
  • High crime rates

Each part of the city was ranked from worse to best.

The scores of the cities were averaged to get the worse score.

Below are 10 cities in Las Vegas that we ranked
  1. Cultural Corridor
    Population: 13,184 residents
    Average income: $30,000
    Home value: $58,000
  2. Downtown East
    Population: 8,646
    Average income: $22, 600
    Home value: $36,000
  3. Umc
    Population: 3,896
    Average income: $33,000
    Home value: $48,000
  4. West Las Vegas
    Population: 19,896
    Average income: $29,000
    Home value: $86,000
  5. East Las Vegas
    Population: 33,012
    Average income: $34,000
    Home value: $61,000
  6. Meadows Village
    Population: 3,198
    Average income: $28,000
    Home value: $111,000
  7. Downtown
    Population: 11,118
    Average income: $21,000
    Home value: $66,000
  8. Michael Way
    Population: 50,252
    Average income: $45,000
    Home value: $100,000
  9. Twin Lakes
    Population :10,481
    Average income: $41,000
    Home value: $96,000
  10. Huntridge
    Population: 15,968
    Average income: $44,000
    Home value: $107,500

These numbers are averages and estimates. The exact figures may vary slightly. This information was used to a person can look at all the areas of Las Vegas and see the areas that have the worse rating. This will allow them to make an informed choice before they move.