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anti-graffiti films in las vegas & henderson, nevada

Anti-Graffiti Films Las Vegas

Anti-Graffiti films are a great solution for retail and other commercial establishments in Metropolitan Las Vegas that use large glass front designs for many reasons. For retailers, storefront styles provide clear views of interior displays while adding dedicated showcase areas facing high traffic locations. For non-retail businesses, massive glass walls create an inviting and airy feel to the interior. In both cases, glass walls let natural light in, which may factor into ambiance and energy efficiency. However, maintenance and security are often big issues for glass walls – hence the need for the anti-graffiti film.

Film Benefits

Anti-scratch and Anti-graffiti Qualities

Glass film that is used on office buildings and retail fronts that are located in areas with high pedestrian traffic should protect the glass from scratches and minor abrasions, resulting from sharp objects scrubbing on the glass, which may be unintentional. The right type of film can minimize if not prevent damage from intentional gouging intended to deface graphic displays or ruin the glass itself.
Commercial grade window films are usually impervious to acid etching solutions that are favored by graffiti vandals. Unlike concrete, glass walls subjected to graffiti damage cannot be restored by whitewashing and repainting. In most cases, glass that is etched with acid will have to be replaced at great expense to property owners. Anti-Graffiti films can solve this solution.

Anti-Graffiti Films Improves Security and Protection

An exterior film does not obscure the interior as it is usually a transparent or opaque material. This makes it easy to view the interior of an office or retail store for security purposes. At the same time, this film is also strong enough to hold damaged glass together in the event of damages due to severe weather conditions, explosions or intentional acts of breaking the glass.
The film will reduce the property owners’ liability for damages or injuries caused by broken glass. With the film holding damaged glass together, interiors are also protected from the elements and looters.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Depending on the type of film, window tint can provide some significant protection from ultraviolet rays. By limiting heat absorption on the glass, the exterior film can reduce energy consumption due to heating and cooling. Window tint on commercial buildings can also reduce glare that may contribute to employee discomfort that may lead to reduced productivity. This feature is especially crucial in sun-scorched places such as Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.
The transparent or tinted film that lets natural light it may also cut down electrical lighting expenses while improving indoor lighting and workplace ambiance.

Other Features of Commercial Window Film

The adhesive used on anti-graffiti film was explicitly chosen to allow easy removal of damaged material. Any residue can be removed with glass or adhesive cleaners to prepare the panel for a new film application. When dealing with graffiti on glass defacement especially if it is a recurring problem, film replacement is certainly less costly than glass panel replacement.
Whether the exterior film is clear or tinted, the commercial-grade material should be distortion free to allow unobstructed views, which is typically one of the main reasons for the use of glass walls.
The clear crystal version has other applications, including protection of glass-encased graphics, mirrors, and similar surfaces.

Film Specs

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